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ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to our Nation and our Army. Antiterrorism Awareness Month is intended to inform and create awareness of threats and achieve a heightened awareness for members of the Army community to detect terrorist and violent extremist activities.

Our Army must sustain a strong defensive posture to prevent terrorist acts and protect Army critical assets (people, infrastructure and sensitive information). Antiterrorism provides the defensive element to the Army’s combating terrorism program. Effective antiterrorism measures integrate a multitude of security programs which ensure protection of our people, information, infrastructure, installations, facilities, and forces.

During the month of August, the Army conducts antiterrorism education and awareness training in order to increase awareness of:  antiterrorism concepts, principles, roles, responsibilities, protection measures, and suspicious activity reporting procedures. Continue to strengthen military and civilian partnerships focused on preventing terrorist activities.

This month’s  Antiterrorism Awareness focus areas help us to recognize and report suspicious activity and actions to take to prevent terrorist attacks. This year, iWATCH Army, Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP), ISALUTE, Operations Security (OPSEC), Insider Threat, Cyber Security Awareness, Domestic Violent Extremism, and Tenant and Community Involvement in Antiterrorism Awareness, are some of the areas of emphasis.

As the Army builds essential capacity for the future, four Army imperatives frame the work ahead – sustain, prepare, reset, and transform.

These imperatives cut across our entire force. As such, effective antiterrorism plans, information management, counter measures, training, education, awareness, and resources must integrate holistically to support the Army imperatives.

Know what actions to take to keep yourself, your family, and your teammates here on Anniston Army Depot safe from acts of terrorism. It is a reminder for everyone to take antiterrorism seriously. Extremist ideologies and separatist movements continue to have an anti-western and anti-U.S. orientation which threatens our Nation. Everyone should conduct a refresher review of their Antiterrorism Awareness training to increase terrorism awareness and vigilance across the depot and community to prevent and protect from acts of terrorism. This month, we focus our fight against terrorism by promoting our antiterrorism awareness campaign, encouraging and training our community to be an extension of the Depot’s overall protection plan.

To keep Anniston Army Depot safe from acts of terrorism, we should all refresh our awareness:

·        Know how to recognize and report suspicious activity through active participation in iWATCH Army and iSALUTE programs and applications.

·        Know and understand the threat associated with violent extremism.

·        Know and understand that participation in violent extremist organizations is prohibited.

·        Know how to respond to an active shooter situation.

Remember, iWATCH isn't a neighborhood program with volunteers roaming the streets armed with flashlights and radios. Instead, it raises community awareness of what to look for and who to call when you notice something out of place. Indeed, iWATCH works by allowing an individual to report any unusual or suspicious behavior. Be alert at all times for suspicious activity. Maintain individual situational awareness of your surroundings. Familiarize yourself with the iWATCH awareness tools. Take a minute to review the iWATCH Army posters on bulletin boards and on the ANAD Command Channel. We can make a difference by recognizing what to report and reporting it to security forces and/or law enforcement. With law enforcement officials not being able to be everywhere; we need the eyes and ears of the installation members and the community assistance to prevent terrorist acts. Antiterrorism Awareness and iWATCH products are available through the ANAD Intranet via the Antiterrorism Link under Programs and Services. Products include posters, brochures, and public service announcements.

If You See Something, Say Something…report suspicious activity to the ANAD Directorate of Emergency Services Security Forces, 256-235-6222, or for emergency assistance 911.


·        HQDA EXORD 191-21 ISO 2021 Army Antiterrorism Awareness Month 11 May 2021

·        AR 525-13

·        AR 600-20