Sarah Hogan is the team lead for the Medium Combat Team in the Combat Systems Branch.
Sarah Hogan is the team lead for the Medium Combat Team in the Combat Systems Branch. (Photo Credit: Ana Henderson) VIEW ORIGINAL

The Medium Combat Team in the Combat Systems Branch has a new leader: Sarah Hogan. Hogan has worked at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) within this branch for the last seven years.

“It was a perfect fit from what I was doing, to what I am doing now. It’s the same team, so I was able to know what was happening already and was able to easily slide into the new position,” said Hogan about the move.

“Mrs. Hogan has the technical expertise and experience required to support Army programs required to perform test and evaluation of systems supporting Army Modernizations efforts,” said Marco Nixen, Chief of the Combat Systems Branch Combat & Automotive Systems Division, in an email to the workforce.

Hogan has a degree in mechanical engineering but did not have a specific career in mind. “I just wanted to do something with math and science: that’s what led to me engineering.”

She moved to Yuma with her husband, who at the time was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station—Yuma. Hogan was teaching at a local high school when her husband, who was looking for jobs for himself, saw the job opening at YPG for Hogan.

“I never even considered this as a career field.”

Now she’s working with combat vehicles daily and knows that the work she, her co-workers, and YPG does is valuable.

“Having my husband be former military and being able to see the test items on our end, which is equipment he used daily or interacted with while in the military, definitely gave me a better understanding of his experiences both as a Marine and deployed in combat. If nothing else, I love this job because it showed me that aspect of a Soldier’s life.”

As for her new role as a leader, Hogan hopes to help others reach their full potential.

“I enjoy working with junior test officers and mentoring, watching them learn, and seeing their development and growth. As a lead, my goal is to focus on the development side of the individuals that I am working with.”