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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — During the month of August, we observe Antiterrorism Awareness Month to remind everyone of the responsibility we share to protect each other.

Community involvement is key to force protection success. Diverse backgrounds and experiences of our team members enable us to better recognize specific threats to our people and our missions.

Each of you are the installation’s eyes and ears. If something feels or appears wrong to you — an abandoned parcel, unauthorized personnel in secure areas or questions about sensitive information without a need to know — you do not need to personally investigate. We need you to REPORT IT. Make a phone call to our professionals at the Fort Leonard Wood Directorate of Emergency Services: 573.596.6141. When you call to report, remember the acronym SALUTE. Be prepared to provide authorities with information you have, including:

Size: number and types of suspicious people or items;

Activity: description of what is suspicious;

Location: address or rough vicinity of activity;

Unit: indicators of units affected or involved and or markings or insignia noticed;

Time: the day and time of observation; and

Equipment: description of weapons, vehicles, communications equipment.

Even if your SALUTE information is incomplete, please report. Your involvement improves our installation force protection efforts and helps our team identify potential vulnerabilities and create mitigation measures.

For more information about Antiterrorism Awareness Month, antiterrorism awareness training, reporting suspicious activities and other concerns, call the Fort Leonard Wood Antiterrorism Office at 573.563.5041.

Please share this information with those in your care. We are proud of you and your dedication to our mission success, including force protection.

Victory starts here — victory through skill.