Gold star Pin
A Gold Star lapel pin is presented to immediate family members of fallen service members. The pin is distributed according to strict DOD guidelines, in honor of service members who lost their lives in a conflict or in support of certain military operations. (Courtesy photo) (Photo Credit: Kevin Gaddie) VIEW ORIGINAL

VICENZA, Italy -- The designation of the term Gold Star Family originated during World War I from the small banners with a blue star that families would display in the window of their home.

Each banner represented a loved one who was serving in the armed forces. When a service member died or was killed while in service, the blue star would be replaced with a gold star.

Gold Star Families have experienced a great loss, but their ties to the military community remain strong and many programs have been created with the intent to honor these individuals by focusing on connections and support. By recognizing the significance of our Gold Star Families, you honor all who have dedicated their lives to our nation.

There are a variety of resources and programs that support Gold Star Families in USAG Italy. From large programs such as scholarships and financial advisement, to simple, yet impactful, recognition such as a designated parking space outside the military shopping areas such as the Commissary and the AAFES PX.

We as a Community have a commitment to honor our Gold Star Families and to respect simple courtesies that have been established throughout the Garrison.

For more information on the Survivor Outreach Services Program, please come to ACS on Ederle, bldg. 108 or call ACS 646-5842 or comm 0444-715842.