Half a century of service in Busan

By Sgt. 1st Class Adam RossJuly 20, 2021

Kim In Suk is a supply system analyst who has worked at Busan Storage Center since 1970.

Courtesy photo
Kim In Suk is a supply system analyst who has worked at Busan Storage Center since 1970.

Courtesy photo (Photo Credit: Sgt. 1st Class Adam Ross)

CAMP HENRY, Republic of Korea – When In Suk Kim attended her first computer training class at Busan Storage Center in 1989, she had already been working at the facility for nearly 20 years. At that point she had already mastered her job while using a manual typewriter and more modern versions of it.

“If you made one mistake, you had to start all over,” said Kim of the large manual typewriters she used as a personnel clerk in the early 1970s.

Now in her 51st year as an employee of BSC, Kim is an expert not only using a computer, but on the complex supply systems used by the Army. After experiencing the myriad of changes to the Army’s supply systems over the decades, Kim is often sought out by other employees who have questions.

“My experience can help people,” Kim said.

There are few others with more experience across U.S. Forces Korea, and BSC has benefited from her expertise since 1970.

After a few years working in personnel, by the late 1970s Kim had moved up to working in statistics, a job that included preparing briefings for the director of BSC. The statistical work included lots of paperwork and filing, which was alleviated when a computer was moved into her office.

Kim recalls a computer instructor from the U.S. visiting Busan, and employees being excited about learning the new technology.

“I practiced on the computer every day of the course,” Kim said.

Not long after Kim was promoted to Information Management Specialist, where she was tasked with training other employees on the Army’s digital supply system.

Since 1996 she has served as a Supply System Analyst, where her decades of expertise help the BSC operate efficiently as a key supply hub supporting the missions of 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and Eighth Army.

“Ms. Kim is a wealth of knowledge, not just historical but functional,” said Michael King, director, Busan Storage Center. “My success as the director is mostly due to her assistance and professionalism.”

As an example of Kim’s skills, he recalled a time when she served without error as an interim division chief.

Now in her sixth decade of service, Kim has no plans to retire.

“I feel very comfortable in my office, everyone treats me like family,” said Kim, who would like to travel and take care of her grandchildren when she does decide to retire. “That’s why I thank God I can work for the U.S. Army.”