Transporting medical supplies
Soldiers and civilian personnel from the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea assist in transporting important medical supplies from an Army prepositioned stocks site in Korea after a walk-in freezer broke June 24. (Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Anthony Peterson) VIEW ORIGINAL

CAMP CARROLL, South Korea -- Teams from the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea and the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency executed an emergency evacuation of temperature-sensitive medical products in late June, preserving critical life-saving blood and vaccines.

After a maintenance check determined a freezer storing medical materiel at an Army prepositioned stocks site in Korea, known as APS-4, was malfunctioning, teams moved the products quickly into temporary storage at USAMMC-K using specialized freezer boxes loaded with frozen gel packs.

“The quick response of the USAMMC-K team and teamwork utilized by the APS-4 staff ensured medical items worth in excess of $7,000 were relocated with no discrepancies,” said Matthew Shaw, APS-4 forward site manager.

USAMMC-K and USAMMA are both direct reporting units to Army Medical Logistics Command, headquartered at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

AMLC serves as the Army’s lifecycle manager for medical materiel, delivering integrated sustainment and data management to enable health services of operational Army units and Joint Forces worldwide.

“This was a team effort,” said Capt. Benjamin Lee, theater pharmacy consultant for the Korean Peninsula, assigned to USAMMC-K.

“The USAMMC-K civilian and military workforce work together to respond any Temperature Sensitive Medical Products (TSMP) evacuation during on and off hours 24/7,” he said. “This is a testament that USAMMC-K and APS-4 site are ready for any response.”