FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- Fort Belvoir's Gerber Village is another that's getting modernized and updated, with site work and utility installation projects.

Gerber Village has 64 single-family homes and six duplexes built during the 1930s as NCO quarters.

All 76 existing historic units in Gerber Village are getting new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for both levels of the home; new insulation; larger kitchens with new countertops, cabinetry, and appliances; larger master bathrooms and closet space; and new light fixtures.

"Furthermore, every home is getting a two-story addition, as well as a two-car garage. There are also five new homes to be constructed with a similar design to the historic units," said Tom Boylan, Development Associate, Clark Realty.

The addition will be sided and roofed, in keeping with the character of the original house. Interior, first floor renovations will create a new master bedroom and bathroom and a new kitchen and dining room. The HVAC system will be replaced with a new non-intrusive and more efficient system.

Additionally, "New sanitary mains and services are being installed, as well as underground, primary and secondary electric lines," Boylan said.

New gas services are also being installed.

"All utilities, except the Verizon FiOS, connect to the homes via the back alley, to minimize disturbance and preserve the historic nature of the neighborhood," Boylan said.

Throughout renovations, significant efforts will made to also preserve the central green spaces and mature tree clusters as much as possible throughout the village.

"Tree-preservation efforts were maximized throughout the project to fence off the large open green spaces, which are full of beautiful old trees, and protect as many trees as possible that are affected by the construction," Boylan said.

"Coordinating with (Fort Belvoir's) Directorate of Public Works - Cultural Resources and the Virginia State Historic Preservation Order, the architecture, land plans and garage locations, specifically, were developed to have no adverse effect on the historic character of Gerber Village," Boylan said.

Outside, Gerber Village homes will receive completely new landscaping, including unit-foundation plantings and new sod.

"New amenities, such as picnic pavilions and a full-size basketball court, will also be installed throughout the village and all the broken sidewalk concrete will be repaired to make the village fully ADA-accessible," Boylan said.

"Renovations began in February in Quad A and the first turnovers are expected by the end of 2009. Gerber Village will be 100 percent complete November 2011," Boylan said.