WIESBADEN, Germany – April is designated Financial Capability and Financial Literacy Month. During the month, Wiesbaden Army Community ran events geared to help military members save money and help to understand their financial wealth.

According to Federica LeMauk, financial readiness program manager with the Army Community Service, along with financial readiness classes and a 3-part retirement class, they ran a financial happiness art contest through the end of April. This contest is intended to help community members create a more concrete picture of their financial goals and help them get a little closer to achieving those goal, under the motto “if you can picture it, you can achieve it.”

Their campaign also includes: know your legal right when it comes to finances: understand the Military Lending Act and the Servicemember Civil Relief Act, and very important for military personnel and their families stationed overseas to realize how the protections of the Servicemember Civil Relief Act do not extend to a German cell phone contract. Saving with a plan: save for emergencies, save with a goal and save to invest.