The city of Wiesbaden uses cameras to catch traffic violations.  (Photo courtesy of
The city of Wiesbaden uses cameras to catch traffic violations. (Photo courtesy of (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

Daniel A. Lauretano, Sr.,

Chief, Client Services & Policy Division

Legal Assistance Office

WIESBADEN, Germany – As with many European Union countries, Germany enforces many of its traffic laws with stationary cameras. We have seen a rise in the issuance of traffic tickets to US Forces personnel while driving on the Autobahn, near construction zones and within city limits.

Be aware and strictly observe traffic signs and speed limits, otherwise you may get flashed by a stationary camera and if the offense is serious enough, or if you accumulate sufficient points, you could lose your driving privileges.

The City of Wiesbaden has stationary cameras prominently posted as you enter the city and within the city. If you approach a speed limit sign displaying a 50 kilometer limit, then drive no more than 50 kilometers. It is not unusual to receive a ticket for driving a few kilometers over the speed limit.

In accordance with Army Europe Regulation 190-1/CNE-CAN-C6F Instruction 11240.6AB and USAFE Instruction 31-202 (18 June 2020), there are several ways you could have your USAREUR-AF license suspended for traffic violations on and off post.

If you are found “texting” or using a cell phone or computer while operating a privately owned vehicle, not wearing or improperly using a seatbelt while operating a POV or not requiring passengers to wear seatbelts or restraining devices while riding in a POV and failing to wear proper protective clothing while riding a motorcycle (including passengers), you could have your license suspended for seven days.

If you are found operating any vehicle (motorized or nonmotorized) with a blood alcohol content range of between 0.05 percent to 0.079 percent (measured in grams (g) per 100 milliliters (mL)); or operating at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour or greater over the posted speed limit on U.S. installations, you could have your license suspended for 30 days.

If you accumulate 12 or more traffic points in a 1-year period, or 18 traffic points in a 2-year period, you could have your license suspended for 180 days.

Traffic points can also be assessed against drivers who park their POV in prohibited areas.