CAMP STANLEY South Korea - Lt. Col. James Burns, 2nd Infantry Division, Division Special Troops Battalion commander, presided over a change of command ceremony passing responsibility and command from Capt. Alex Glade to Capt. Matthew Maimone in the Camp Stanley Physical Fitness Center July 17.

"I want to take the time to thank Glade for the wonderful job she has done and welcome Maimone," Burns said. "I especially want to thank the Soldiers of the Warrior Readiness Company. Without you there would be no change of command and no purpose. This ceremony marks a change in leadership, but also underlines our purpose. Our mission at the WRC has not changed. We are still responsible for receiving, staging, and training 2ID's inbound Soldiers. Few of us in the Army have the opportunity to impact the lives of Soldiers as you do; you have a tremendous impact and it is widely known within the battalion and within the division."

Burns went on to say Glade has performed her duties remarkably well in the last 15 months. She gave her unit the best compliment a commander could give their troops. She told him her unit could perform their duties without her.

"Maimone, I know you will pick up where Glade left off," Burns said. "With your assistance we will build on the foundations left by Glade. I am going to charge you with leading these troops. I think all of you should know Maimone volunteered for this job."

Maimone said there is no other place he would rather be in the Army than commanding the WRC. He thanked Burns for selecting him for the job.

"Warriors, you are the reason we are here," Maimone said. "I appreciate everything you do every day. You processed me a year ago and I appreciate that. You can always expect the best from me, and I will always expect the same from you."