WASHINGTON (Army News Service, March 29, 2007) - The Army's Future Combat Systems program is among the advanced military technologies featured on the second-season premier of the Discovery Channel's "FutureWeapons" series.

The episode, which debuts April 2 and runs throughout the month, provides an in-depth look at such FCS systems as the Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon, the Class I Unmanned Aerial System, and tactical and urban Unattended Ground Sensors. The program will also feature the Crusher unmanned ground vehicle now under joint development by the Army and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

FCS is the Army's principal modernization program and consists of a family of manned and unmanned systems, connected by a common network. FCS is the core of the Army's continuing effort to ensure that Soldiers have the cutting-edge technologies and capabilities they'll need to continue to dominate any battlespace, program officials said.

"What the Army is doing with FCS is exciting," said Maj. Gen. Charles Cartwright, program manager of the Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Team). "We're successfully modernizing in a way that's never been done before." FCS, he added, is indeed "a great 'Discovery.'"