Savings at post commissaries help families

By HQDA G-4May 27, 2021

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With over 230 buildings spanning across 13 countries and two U.S. territories, commissaries have proven to be an exceptional resource for Soldiers, families, and retirees. In recent surveys, commissaries received stellar marks for the competitiveness of prices, store cleanliness, and a variety of international products. They were also noted for checkout speed, meat and poultry quality, and store-brand quality. In 2020, the commissary customer base expanded by four million new patrons, but their desire to serve the military families through savings and convenience has not changed.

The commissary’s vision is to be the grocery provider of choice for eligible patrons by delivering a vital benefit to the military community and their families. Savings, convenience, and health are the top benefits the commissary prioritizes in their value offering for Soldiers and families.

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Another benefit is the savings eligible patrons receive.  Last year, commissary customers enjoyed 25% savings worldwide, exceeding the baseline.  The law requires commissaries to offer an average of 23.7% savings compared to off-post grocery retailers for a comparable cart of groceries.

With more than 1,000 items from nine different brands, commissary store brand products allow families to save money on popular items. Additionally, commissaries offer the Your Everyday Savings program. Products that fall under the YES! Program feature long-term reduced prices on hundreds of popular brand items ranging from toilet paper, baby food, and yogurt, to cereal and other products.

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Besides savings and convenience, commissaries offer unique health benefits not present in other grocery stores. For example, commissaries offer Dietitian Approved Thumb, or DAT selections, where a registered dietician evaluates various food selections and marks the most nutritious items with a special green label. This makes it easier for customers to choose high-performing foods that are dense in nutrition, like lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. Approximately 3,200 consumer-packaged goods qualify for the DAT. Corresponding healthy meal-planning guides with no-fuss recipes are available at the commissary.

Commissaries also offer special sidewalk sales, which coincide with Military Appreciation Month and take place at the end of May. Weather permitting, most commissaries will have one multi-day event. Patrons can stock up on their favorite snacks, beverages, international foods, pet food, baking and canned goods, and health and beauty products.

Another savings benefit commissaries offer is through manufacturer online coupons and the commissary’s rewards card program. Customers pick up the cards at their local commissaries, register them through the My Commissary website, and download coupons to their card before shopping. The card is scanned at the register to apply the coupons to purchases just like major off-post grocery stores.

Since convenience is important for busy shoppers who have to balance their schedules, 11 locations offer the curbside “Click2Go” online option. In these locations, shoppers can use their phones, tablets, or computers to shop online and to schedule curbside pickups. Additionally, the Click2Go option shows all of the ongoing sales and offers meal-planning features.

Commissaries are open to uniformed service members, retired service members, and their authorized family members. Patronage is also open to Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war, veterans with service-connected disabilities, and individuals designated as the primary family caregivers of eligible veterans, and Department of Defense civilians overseas.

Commissaries provide families with quality products, services, and savings, and continue to strive toward their vision of being the grocery provider of choice for eligible patrons by delivering a vital benefit for the military community and their families. Check out more information on patron eligibility and benefits, and the commissary Pinterest page for more recipe ideas.

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