FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — Fort Leonard Wood personnel may notice changes to some installation services this year, as financial constraints are forcing officials here to make adjustments.

“There are base operations support budget shortfalls across U.S. Army Installation Management Command, and we are being directed to reduce certain services,” said Kendall Smith, with the Directorate of Public Works.

These shortfalls affect some civilian training opportunities for IMCOM personnel, equipment and supply purchases, and custodial and mowing services, Smith said.

“For improved grounds, the grass will be mowed every 14 days or when it reaches 6-inches tall,” Smith said. “This includes entry gates, parade grounds, Child Development Centers and cemeteries. Semi-improved grounds, including most common areas in the cantonment area, will be serviced every 21 days or when it reaches 6-inches tall. Also, the mowers will not go back to the wood line in many areas and will not bag the cut grass.”

On the custodial front, personnel may notice less-frequent cleanings and limited services.

“Army civilians and Soldiers will have to take more of an active role in maintaining their work areas, such as taking out their own trash,” Smith said.

Custodial services in high-traffic areas, such as the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence building, are now adjusted to one day each week.

“While supplies are still being provided by the contractor, the actual cleaning and stocking will have to be done by building occupants,” Smith said. “Our custodial contractor will only empty the trash in rest rooms, kitchens and break rooms. Other trash will be the responsibility of the building occupants. Vacuuming will be reduced to once per month.”

Services at Child Development Centers will not change.

Other affected areas for IMCOM personnel include non-essential civilian training, which has been eliminated, and non-critical overtime, which is being reduced. Non-critical supply and equipment purchases are being deferred, and hiring and education fairs will take place virtually, as will retiree appreciation days.

Many of these adjustments are likely to remain in effect until at least September 2022, and are dependent upon IMCOM budgeting.

“DPW is doing its best to provide the necessary services and maintenance to Fort Leonard Wood and its personnel,” Smith said. “Please bear with us. We are still doing what is important and working hard to provide for the Army family.”