Army Legal Assistance Available for EFMP Families

By Amy RodickDecember 16, 2021

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The mission of the legal assistance program is to assist eligible clients with their personal legal affairs in a timely and professional manner by meeting their needs for information on personal legal matters and resolving their legal problems whenever possible. Legal assistance attorneys offer counseling, legal negotiation, and referrals to other professionals, among other services. Legal assistance attorneys advise on a variety of cases, including; special education law, estate planning, family law, and civilian administrative, among other topics.

Additionally, the military legal assistance services have partnered with the American Bar Association's military section, to match civilian practitioners willing to work on a pro bono basis on cases where the military legal assistance attorney's ability to help is limited. Eligible clients should contact their local legal assistance office to schedule an appointment to discuss their personal needs. The attorney can provide counseling, and if necessary, can work with the client to access the resources available from the ABA.

To learn more about the services read our article in Army Times:

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