SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Question: Why is the AMR (Aliamanu Military Reservation) pool closed on Mondays and Fridays, and can a slide be added to the pool'

Answer: Unfortunately, Installation Management Command (IMCOM) mandates the total number of hours that we can keep our pools open, and we are funded and staffed for this amount. Thus, we are unable to increase the hours of operation at any one of the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii (USAG-HI) pools without having to decrease the hours at another.

Since both the Richardson Pool on Schofield Barracks and the Tripler Pool regularly support Soldier aquatic mission programs, such as Soldier drown-proofing, unit physical training and "Learn to Swim" and lifeguarding classes on a regular basis, they are allocated more manpower and hours of operation.

The good news is that we have purchased a slide for the AMR Pool and are presently coordinating with a contractor for the installation.

(Response Source is Community Recreation Division and Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR))

Question: What are the approved physical training (PT) running routes throughout the garrison, and what are the rules about conducting PT in housing areas'

Answer: All of our commanders ensure that our Soldiers are strong, fast and agile by mandating participation in physical training, which is designed to progressively condition, toughen and sustain Soldiers during readiness training, deployment, redeployment, reset and back to readiness.

USAG-HI fully recognizes the importance of PT for our Soldiers. For guidance to our military community, we will be issuing a policy memo about authorized Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield PT routes and pedestrian rights and duties.

This policy was developed and agreed upon by all of our installation senior command sergeants major and will be distributed to all unit commanders, as well as placed on the garrison Web site.

This policy memo encourages active participation in physical fitness programs for both Soldier, family members, civilians and contractors because physical fitness programs enhance quality of life, improve productivity and bring about positive physical and mental changes.

While we support and encourage participation in PT, there are certain parameters that the military personnel must adhere to. Some examples of the requirements follow:

Aca,!AcCommanders may hold PT formation within their unit area (e.g., quads) prior to 6:30 a.m.; however, movement from those areas and the calling of cadence will not begin prior to 6:30 a.m.

Aca,!AcSoldiers will observe and comply with approved running routes. There are no PT routes in any housing areas.

Aca,!AcSoldiers will not use vulgar or derogatory cadence or language at any time.

Aca,!AcWhen jogging along main thoroughfares, streets and other areas, when housing is located on both sides of the street, the calling of cadence will not occur unless a written exception is granted from the commander, USAG-Oahu.

The complete policy memorandum with the allowed PT routes will be posted on the USAG-HI Web site.

(Response Source: Command Group)

Question: What are the ways I can get garrison and housing information'

There are a variety of ways to receive information about garrison events and activities.

The Hawaii Army Weekly is one source. In addition to local Army and community news, the Hawaii Army Weekly includes a community calendar of events.

Additionally, the garrison Web site has been re-done and includes garrison information such as policy memorandums, post information, bulletins and traffic updates.

You can also request to be placed on the garrison distribution list by e-mailing your name and e-mail address to

DFMWR also distributes information about weekly events. Look for the FMWR link on the garrison Web site and sign up for FMWR's e-mail distribution list. Or, if you're a Facebook user, become a friend of FMWR and keep up with all its activities.

Be certain, too, to sign up at your local housing community center and receive timely information about local events as well as activities that would impact you at home, such as closures and water outages.

Lastly, USAG-Oahu conducts quarterly town hall meetings in both the north and the south. Take the time to attend these community forums and keep informed of the topics affecting you locally.

(Response Source: Army Hawaii Family Housing Leasing Office-North, DFMWR Marketing, Command Group)