Changes are coming to the Army uniform

By Army G-4May 13, 2021

On April 15th, 2021, the 153rd Army Uniform Board reviewed current and future policies on Army dress uniforms, the clothing bag, and other optional purchase items. Many of the board’s recommended changes will be implemented this year.

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Within the next five months, the Army is expecting two big changes, including new face coverings and a female version of the hot weather combat uniform.

Starting this June, the Combat Cloth Face Covering color will change from Operational Camouflage Pattern to black and coyote brown. Central Initial Issue Point facilities at Fort Sill, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Benning and Fort Jackson will issue one of each color to all recruits. Current Soldiers receive a clothing replacement allowance for the face coverings and can purchase them at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. Soldiers under the replacement-in-kind process can contact their unit-supply personnel to request replacement of the unusable face coverings.

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Shortly after the Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform design was developed and proven successful, the Army created specific design features and additional sizes for females and smaller-statured males. The jacket, which comes in 16 sizes, features a reduced neck opening, a rebalanced shoulder design, lengthened side seam and a reduced armhole area. The trousers, also in 16 sizes, feature an adjustable waistband, reshaped inseam at the knee and a shorter leg length. In addition, the chest, waist and hip ratios were adjusted for a better fit. This uniform will be available starting in August 2021.

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Next year, Soldiers will receive two additional items in their clothing bags. Starting in March 2022 the clothing bag will include Army combat gloves, and black socks will replace the currently issued white socks. Recruits going through Initial Entry Training will receive one pair of socks upon arrival and six more after properly fitting them with their athletic footwear.

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Based on feedback from the field, two more significant changes are coming to the female clothing bag – a nursing t-shirt and a maternity physical fitness uniform. Pregnant Soldiers tested two leading designs of the maternity physical fitness uniforms for form, fit and functionality, and provided positive feedback on the designs. From May through June 2021, about 21 Soldiers will test the uniforms for the second time. Limited user evaluations, which will take place in November 2021 at Fort Bragg, Fort Meade and Fort Belvoir, will allow the Defense Logistics Agency to proceed with contracting and distribution in March 2022.

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As early as May 2021, DLA will begin evaluating the supply-request package for the updated version of the hot weather boots. With a coordinated rollout plan, military clothing stores expect to feature the new boots in 2024.

The Army Uniform Board is inclusive and representative of all members of the Army, including race and gender. As the Army continues modernizing its approach and strategy, its uniforms, equipment and policies will receive frequent reviews, ensuring its world-class workforce is ready to face modern challenges.

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