Wildlife & Health Handbook
Front cover of the "Wildlife & Health Handbook," created and published by the USAG Bavaria Environmental Division. (Photo Credit: USAG Bavaria Environmental Division) VIEW ORIGINAL

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany – U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria’s Environmental Division published a new “Wildlife and Health Handbook” to help community members safely navigate human and wildlife interactions at USAG Bavaria.

Ever found a bat in the attic, or a giant house spider in the basement, and wondered how to safely remove them? Heard about the oak processionary moth and want to learn more information? The USAG Bavaria “Wildlife and Health Handbook” provides information about the flora and fauna present within our footprint. Use this resource to learn how to protect native species, and how to minimize health and safety risks when wildlife meets daily life.

Created specifically for USAG Bavaria, the handbook includes sections on plants, fungi, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, aquatic species, insects and arachnids that you may encounter while here. There are over 50 different species’ descriptions — including information on protected statuses, potential health hazards, tips to avoid conflict with wildlife, tips for removing wildlife from the home, and resources for assistance or professional services. Specific and useful topics within the book include how to deter bees and other insects from homes, what to do with an injured bird, tips for tick safety and who to call for bat or foxglove removal.

Physical copies of the handbook are available at the Environmental Division and a digital version can be downloaded at: https://home.army.mil/bavaria/application/files/5416/1709/4764/USAG_Bav_Wildlife_Health_Handbook_March2021.pdf