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HQ, JMC recently hosted Module 8 of the Aspiring Leaders Program, How to Delegate Effectively, via MS Teams. The Aspiring Leaders Program includes several phases of training such as strategic leadership, conversational leadership and dialogue skills, and decision making.

In order to enhance JMC leadership engagement, JMC senior leaders serve as champions and participate in the monthly webinars. The champions discuss relevant, personal leadership experiences and philosophies, and provide insight into developing effective leadership traits and behaviors. Steven Taylor, Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management discussed delegating effectively as a leader and how to develop relationships with employees to establish trust within an organization.

Taylor graduated from St. Ambrose with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, as well as a Master of Organization Leadership. He began his civilian career in 1997 as a student intern with the U.S. Army Industrial Operations Command Department of Information Management. Over the years, he has remained in Information Management; he’s served as Chief Technical Officer for the Command and as Chief of the Integration and Compliance Division within the G6 Directorate, prior to being promoted to his current role as Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management. These positions afforded him the experience to understand how important it is to effectively delegate workload and that it is vital to the success of a directorate.

During Module 8, Taylor explained how he approaches delegation, as a situational leader, and how he develops relationships with his employees and the workforce within the JMC enterprise. He shared with participants the importance of trust, and if mission-critical efforts are needed, how a leader needs to be able to trust that everyone will step up and do their part. Taylor also discussed having open conversations with employees giving clear guidelines, deadline expectations, and offering ways to help them succeed with the mission.

“It is important to lead by building relationships with employees and I trust that I have the right people, on the right projects, to complete the mission. We are only a successful leader, as the people around us that actually get the job done,” said Taylor.

The current participants of the JMC Aspiring Leaders program will attend Module 9, Presentation Skills in May.