8th Theater Sustainment Command Launches a Comprehensive Safety Campaign

By Capt. Daniel AmatoMay 10, 2021

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Maj. Gen. David Wilson, commander, 8th Theater Sustainment Command launched a comprehensive 8th TSC Theater-wide Safety Campaign in the Pacific, April 21st, 2021, with a holistic approach to all facets of Risk Management and its application to all missions on and off-duty.

The 8th TSC is integrated with the Joint Force to increase interoperability within the Indo-Pacific Area of Responsibility. As the Theater's senior Army logistics unit it conducts theater opening, theater distribution and theater sustainment operations throughout the AOR. The organization represents 167 different skill sets, with 35 unique capabilities, to include Military Police, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Army Watercraft Systems, Dive, Engineer, Transportation, and Sustainment operations. It is responsible for sustaining Joint Forces across a vast AOR, which encompass the following:

  • 3.95 Billion People (50% of the World's Population)
  • 36 Nations = 3,000 Different Languages
  • Seven Major Religions
  • Two of the Three Largest Economies in the World
  • Seven of the Ten World's Largest Militaries
  • Two of the Most Populous Nations in the World
  • Five Nations Allied With The U.S.
  • Two of the Three Largest Economies
  • Five of the Worlds Nine Declared Nuclear Nations

Safety Campaign Approach/Intent:

The 8th Theater Sustainment Command is executing a safety campaign to promote a safety culture, foster a safe environment and healthy workplaces for operations on and off duty. The safety campaign’s focus areas are:

  • Preservation of resources, mishap avoidance, prevention of injuries or loss of our valued team members and their Families.
  • Protection of 8th TSC personnel from accidental injury, death, and occupational illness.
  • Application of risk management strategies to reduce risks, eliminate injury or illness and loss of mission capability and preserve as resources.
  • Application of risk management across all operations and activities on and off duty.

 Safety Campaign Engagements:

  • Commanders, leaders, and personnel will use the Risk Management process to address safety and occupational health (SOH) risks across all operations and tasks, both on and off duty.
  • Commanders, leaders, and personnel will establish procedures for identifying, reporting, and investigating hazards, unsafe conditions, unsafe actions, and non-compliance with standards. See the Off-Duty Risk Assessment Card for reference.
  • Safety Specialists will conduct periodic SOH evaluations of all operations and workplaces where assigned personnel are regularly employed.
  • Commanders will conduct safety stand-down / conference

Safety Campaign Academics:

  • Safety Specialists will provide Risk Management training to Additional Duty Safety Officers (ADSO) as required for the performance of their duties.
  • Safety Specialists and ADSO will assist in developing Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheets for all missions, at all echelons, from top to bottom, across the formation.
  • Commanders will develop metrics to assess their safety program and mitigating strategies.
  • Safety Specialists will monitor the safety program, review & develop SOPs, and promote regulatory compliance.

Safety Campaign End State:

  • All 8th TSC personnel fully aware of Risk Management process and its application in order to protect and preserve the Army's top priority - its people and resources.
  • Units conducting Risk Management prior, during, and after assigned missions.
  • Units presenting TTPs, lessons learned (L2), and sharing best practices during the Safety and Occupational Heath Councils (SOHAC).
  • Recognition of safety excellence and accomplishments during the SOHACs.
  • Revision of Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Pre-Accident Plan (PAP), and Accident Mitigation Procedures (AMP).

Everyone is a valued member of the "Sustain the Force" Family and safety is our top priority. Each member of the 8th TSC makes an enormous and positive impact to our unit, Army, Nation, Community and Families. We are committed to protecting and preserving the Army's top priority - its people.

We ask Commanders, leaders, and all personnel to apply risk management strategies to address Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) risks associated with all operations, and apply mitigating actions in order to reduce existent risks.