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The continued success of our Army is reliant on every member of the team being at their best. The stakes are high, the American People are counting on us and never forget: Winning Matters! It is therefore imperative that we each be Ready and Resilient Army Professionals. At its core, this means taking initiative in achieving and maintaining holistic wellness.


Everyone, as a matter of routine, must assess individual and environmental wellness and identify gaps and areas for improvement. Just as important, note what actions and systems in place are helpful. Otherwise, wellness becomes marginalized, which does a disservice to the institution and our professionals. Simply put, we owe it to ourselves and one another to have these honest conversations to ultimately effect positive outcomes.


We have a multitude of health and wellness services that enhance quality of life, productivity and motivation. Leverage the expertise of health teams and programs, take advantage of recreational and fitness offerings and frequent eateries with healthy food choices. Leaders, in particular, need to educate themselves and actively promote these options so that every person has the greatest opportunity to attain improved wellness.


People First is our Army’s top priority, and for good reason. We ALL support our nation’s defense needs whether on the front lines in combat or by helping an Army Family in garrison. This underscores the point that each of us matters. As such, we have an obligation to stay healthy in all five resiliency dimensions – physical, emotional, spiritual, social and family – to effectively deliver on our Soldier and Army Civilian Corps creeds. Individual leader responsibility and empowerment of others in support of optimal health are non-negotiable.

My Commander’s Ready and Resilient Council (CR2C) is a wellness driver, but also required is a multidimensional approach with across-the-board buy-in. I’m confident we can answer this call for our Army because we are Fort Knox! People First, Winning Matters and STRENGTH STARTS HERE!