FORT BELVOIR, Va. (TRADOC News Service, July 20, 2009) -- Army Civilian Corps senior leaders now have another incentive for attending the Army Management Staff College.

Webster University is now accepting course credit for the Civilian Education System Advanced Course, the fourth course in the progressive and sequential leader development program.

Arthur McMahan, Ph.D., AMSC director of Educational Services, said the cooperative degree program is an extended partnership, a partnership that has reaped great benefits for the students, Webster University and the Army at large.

After Webster's staff evaluated the CES program, they decided the advanced course was a good fit for Webster's Master of Arts degree in Management and Leadership program. In the advanced course, Army civilians in grades GS 13-15 or equivalent learn how to lead a complex organization in support of national security and defense strategies.

The advanced course now has nine transferable credits to the management and leadership program. The credits cover three of the management courses that are required for the degree. The agreement is effective for all advanced courses since the CES program launched in January 2007.

Webster University is a private, non-profit, accredited university with headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., and 100 campus locations throughout the world. The university is one of eight schools that had previous agreements with AMSC when it offered the legacy Sustaining Base Leadership and Management program. Since Webster had so many SBLM alumni, it worked with AMSC toward an agreement of awarding credit to the Advanced Course, SBLM's replacement.

AMSC and Webster joined for the official signing of the agreement at a signing ceremony on July 16. AMSC Commandant Col. Garland H. Williams and Randy Wright, Webster associate vice president for academic affairs, were accompanied by Pamela Raymer, AMSC dean of academics, and Carl T. Richards, Webster regional director, to sign the agreement.

At the ceremony, Webster and AMSC leaders recognized Dr. Richard St. Clair, Webster academic director of military programs, and Vielka Jackson, AMSC Management Systems Specialist, for their hard work and commitment throughout the evaluation process.

Williams said he was glad to have a partnership with Webster that allows students to receive credit for a CES course.

Wright added, "At Webster University one of our primary missions is to attract and recruit the best and brightest students into our program, and certainly CES graduates will be among that type of program."