Military Spouse Appreciation Day; we love, appreciate you
Sgt. 1st Class Charles Watkins, Operations NCO, U.S. Army Operational Test Command (Photo Credit: (U.S. Army photo)) VIEW ORIGINAL

Military spouses of all branches are the back bone of our armed forces and are a force to be reckoned with.

From deployments to field exercises, our Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen would not be able to focus on the mission without the support of their spouses holding down the home front.

May 23, 1984 was when Military Spouse Appreciation, also known as Military Spouse Day, was first observed followed by the month of May being declared as National Military Month in support of men and women of the armed forces.

This month, we take our hats off to the true heroes and driving force behind our warriors’ success in winning the nation’s wars.

Their dedication, sacrifices, and support reaches beyond the trenches but inside our household and communities.

At times recruits will have to PCS after being sent overseas while depending on their spouse to undergo an entire PCS move all by themselves! If that’s not strength, what is?

Family Readiness Groups, online social groups, deployment care packages, on base thrift stores, job searching and charities are but a few ways our spouses extend their generosity.

Many military spouses are loading lunches for the kids, helping with homework, attending school conferences, managing kids’ medical appointments, working, attending college, and (as I take a breath) supporting our troops — the list goes on.

This I can proudly speak from experience of having a Military Spouse. She is my world and I can’t imagine living without her. Much of my success of being a Believer, father, husband, and Soldier goes to my spouse.

To all the Military Spouses out there — men, women, and dual military couples — we salute you and will forever have your love engraved into our hearts.

On behalf of the military, we love and appreciate you!