Army publishes guidance on the use of the Commander’s Risk Reduction Toolkit

By Army Resilience DirectorateMay 3, 2021

The Army recently published a Secretary of the Army Directive to guide Commanders on utilization of a new online application that helps them better “see” their units and understand when their Soldiers may be at risk.

Army Directive 2021-10 prescribes use of the Commander’s Risk Reduction Toolkit (CRRT), establishes access requirements for CRRT users, and identifies data sources to be aggregated in the CRRT database.

The Commander's Risk Reduction Toolkit, which began rolling out last June, is designed to address Army Senior Leader concerns about reducing undesirable risk behaviors across all Army formations. CRRT is an improved version of the former Commander’s Risk Reduction Dashboard and has been consolidated within the new Army Vantage system. Embedding CRRT in Army Vantage limits the number of systems Commanders need to access.

CRRT is a web-based tool populated from 26 authoritative data sources and displays up to 40 risk factors to present unit command officials with a consolidated history of each Soldier’s personal information and potential risk. The data sources that serve as the backbone of CRRT vary from health, demographics, and deployments, to legal affairs and substance abuse.

CRRT not only provides Company and Battalion Command officials unprecedented visibility of their Soldiers’ risk factors, it also displays aggregated risk data from Company through echelons above Corps. The tool provides these leaders with a common operating picture consisting of high-risk event trends with relationship to operational events.

"We know that commanders are concerned about the health and well-being of their units,” said Dr. James A. Helis, Director of the Army Resilience Directorate, the proponent for CRRT. “The intent of this toolkit is to enable Command officials to make informed decisions about Soldier risk, prevention and intervention strategies, and assist in helping them respond earlier to the warning signs.”

CRRT was rolled out to all Active Army in 2020. The Army is scheduled to complete the fielding of CRRT to the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve components later this year. The system will continue to add capabilities during this timeframe.