FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii-- Karl Paulnack the Music Department head at Boston Conservatory once said, "Music is a basic need of human survival. Music is one of the ways we make sense of our lives, one of the ways in which we express feelings when we have no words, a way for us to understand things with our hearts when we cannot with our minds".

These words hold a deep reality in the heart of Capt. Theo Voudouris, staff judge advocate, 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, who has devoted much of his life to musical art and performance.

"I have always enjoyed singing, and performing on stage always came naturally to me. Having the ability to be around creative people in the performing arts can be extremely liberating," said Voudouris about his passion.

His interest in music was sparked while listening to his mother sing in St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church in Syracuse, N.Y., while he was young.

"I was surrounded by the wonderful music of her Greek Choir from an early age," said Voudouris of his mothers influence in his musical aspirations. "My first musical performance was in The Wizard of OZ at St. Sophia's and I've been hooked ever since".

He continued performing and was accepted into the prestigious Westminster Choir College Summer Music Program in Princeton, N.J., and was later awarded a scholarship to attend full-time as an undergraduate. He declined the scholarship and decided to attend St. Bonaventure University to focus on Pre-Law but still fuel his passion for the arts perusing a minor in music. Shortly after he started his studies, he was awarded a Voice Scholarship from St. Bonaventure's Concert Choir and was also selected to sing in the Chamber Choir. He has been singing for 22 years.

Voudouris is currently a member of the Honolulu Symphony Chorus, Hawaii Vocal Arts Ensemble and performs in musicals at Richardson Army Community Theater, here.

He has been involved in 10 performance on island since his arrival in 2008 including his current performance as Glen Gulia in Diamond Head Theatre's presentation of The Wedding Singer.

"My first performance in Hawaii was in Aida with Army Community Theatre at Fort Shafter. I had just returned from Iraq and decided to get back into singing," said Voudouris.

He has expressed his musical talent in various military functions including retirement ceremonies, volunteer recognition ceremonies, and he's been known to occasionally entertain his coworkers.

"I worked with him for three months and he always played music and often I got to hear him sing". said Mrs. Julia Reinburg, family readiness support assistant, 94th AAMDC. "He has a really nice voice and you can tell he has experience. I enjoyed listening to him sing it made work entertaining".

Voudouris recalled his most memorable performance, when he was in the St. Bonaventure choir. They were invited by the Vatican to sing at the four major Catholic Basilicas in Rome.

" The performances were amazing, and I was able to attend a private audience with Pope John Paul II. It was even more special because my mother was able to accompany me and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity," He said.

His future musical goals are to audition for a Broadway show or sing with the Metropolitan Opera after he retires from the military.

He plans to continue singing at every opportunity to accomplish his goals and to show his passion for the performing arts and his appreciation for music.