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DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich — In an enterprise-wide effort, the first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council quarterly meeting, chaired by Brian Butler, Tank-automotive and Armaments Command Deputy to the Commander, was held this past Tuesday. The council, which is chartered by Maj. Gen. Darren Werner, TACOM Commanding General, is charged with creating a work environment that is supportive of all people regardless of gender identification, race, age, sexual orientation or disability.

The council is made up of senior leaders from all the organizations at the Detroit Arsenal, and TACOM’s arsenals and depots.

Butler opened the meeting by thanking everyone participating. “Thanks for showing up. We are going to make sure that this stays on the front burner as we move forward…I think everyone will benefit from this.”

David Youngblood, director of the TACOM Equal Employment Opportunity office, led the meeting and discussed the TACOM Strategic DE&I plan and the work plan.

Youngblood also talked about how the initiative started, the tri-signed letter signed by Army leadership, civil unrest and the racial overtones from last summer that led to the Army and the Department of Defense taking a stand.

He stated, “The concern was that we need to make sure DOD is an inclusive place to work. It is important to our national defense that everyone feels welcome here.”