Ranger Mary Simmons picks up trash for Earth Day at Greers Ferry Lake.
Ranger Mary Simmons picks up trash for Earth Day at Greers Ferry Lake. (Photo Credit: Erin Jimenez) VIEW ORIGINAL

Name: Mary Simmons

Job Title/Location: Park Ranger at Greers Ferry Lake

Education: Bachelor of Science in Fish and Wildlife Biology with a minor in Parks and Recreation from Arkansas Tech University

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, floating, camping and running

Why is Earth Day so important to conserving our natural resources?

For me, our natural resources are a much-needed escape from the day to day stress and workload. I can relax, recoup and recharge because of them. Given the benefits that I receive from our natural resources, it is my responsibility to give back. Earth Day for me is a reminder of that.

What are some ways people can participate in Earth Day?

A big way people can participate is by picking up trash when visiting parks and public use areas and making sure their own trash makes it to a trash can. You basically want to leave the area better than you found it and it will take care of itself. You can also join a local cleanup, conservation, or gardening group. Just get involved! Using a refillable water bottle, recycling, planting a garden or going for a hike are also great ways to participate.

What are your favorite Earth Day activities?

I enjoy spending time outdoors, planting flowers/tree/gardens and putting up a bird house/feeder.