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Leader Note 1 Looking Forward 2021.pdf

SUBJECT: Leader Note #1: Looking Forward.

1. Purpose. This memo provides some thoughts and guidance to commanders and leaders as we move into a turbulent 2nd Quarter for our beloved Division. This augments previously published guidance and is intended to open a leader dialogue and start a conversation.

2. Situation. The publication of the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee (FHIRC) report resulted in the biggest leader shake up our Army experienced in many years. This presents us both challenges and opportunities. I would like to focus on the opportunity we have for individual and organizational self-reflection, to identify fractures in our team and gaps in our continual pursuit of excellence.

3. Priorities. I am communicating these priorities because I fully understand that these were not the exact priorities communicated in the last guidance prior to the FHIRC. This is an important time for us to determine and demonstrate how we can BOTH put our People First and Build Readiness – these are NOT mutually exclusive endeavors. Cohesive teams built on trust is the foundation for a combat ready force; therefore, building trust while building readiness is both possible and required – it is our Legacy. I will be looking for your input on how we do this effectively. Here are our priorities going into this quarter:

a. Support the on-going investigations and inspections. It is our top priority to comply with the emerging requirements, even though it is well inside our training management timelines. Leaders must communicate the importance of providing quality feedback in each of these so that we will improve as an organization and an Army.

b. Address FHIRC Findings and Recommendations. We are standing up an OPT this coming week to develop a plan of action for all the aspects of the FHIRC Report that we own at our echelon. We will capture what is already being done and what we still need to do in the short, mid and long term. We will also look more closely at the metrics by which we will measure ourselves in our People First / Pegasus Strength initiatives.

c. Focus on Leader Development. Battalion level leaders are our agents of change and our company level leaders will allow us to WIN at the Point of Decision. Now, more than ever, we need engaged and inspiring leaders at every echelon. This is where CSM McLane and I are putting the weight of our time and effort for the foreseeable future. I am asking for your support to have the leaders at each of the planned engagements for fruitful and impactful discussions.

d. Fully invest in Leader Time Training (LTT). Given the post-HBL required COVID mitigation measures, the multiple DV visits, and intensive investigations and sensing sessions, Leader Time Training is the most important training we will do in this quarter. At the same time, Leader Note 1 Looking Forward 2021.pdf [PDF - 225.5 KB]our complete investment in this will train junior leaders on training management, reinforce predictability in an unpredictable time, and assist in rebuilding trust and credibility. The forthcoming division battle rhythm will reflect this prioritization.

4. The actions leaders take, or do not take, determine whether they build cohesive teams that are highly trained, disciplined, and fit - ready to fight and win. If there is a problem in your unit, we depend on you to fix it. You are empowered to fix issues in our formations. If you cannot fix it yourself, ask for help. We have existed for 100 years to safeguard America, and the reputation we built as the First in Manila, First in Tokyo, First in Pyongyang, and First Airmobile is the same tenacity we must demonstrate today during these trying times.

5. Remember, taking care of our Leaders and Soldiers preserves our readiness. Demonstrating a genuine care and concern for our Soldiers means that we meet our Soldier’s needs. Our Soldiers and Leaders need to be trained well, led well, cared for, inspired, and, on the rare occasion, punished to maintain good order and discipline. This is not “likership,” it is leadership. This is not an easy task, but mothers, fathers, and spouses are counting on you to lead, develop and care for their sons, daughters and spouses. At the same time, our Nation still expects us to be ready at a moment’s notice to answer the call. We will not let them down! It is who we have been for 100 years and it is who we are today. We will #BeTheLegend!

6. Point of contact is the undersigned. Please feel free to reach out if you have concerns or issues at brett.g.sylvia.mil@mail.mil.


Brigadier General, USA