JMC Aspiring Leaders Program, Module 7
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Aspiring Leaders – Module 7, Thinking Skills for Leaders was held virtually via MS Teams in order to protect the workforce. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL
JMC Aspiring Leaders Program, Module 7
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Ms. Kelly Porschke (top-center) discussed her leadership philosophy and answered questions from the students about her career experiences and role as a senior leader at JMC. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

HQ, JMC recently hosted Module 7, Thinking Skills (Critical & Strategic), of the Aspiring Leaders Program via MS Teams. The Aspiring Leaders Program is currently taking place in a virtual environment and includes several phases of training such as strategic leadership, conversational leadership and dialogue skills, decision making, and effective delegation. The program is currently available to employees in the JMC headquarters.

In order to enhance JMC leadership engagement, JMC senior leaders serve as champions and participate in the monthly webinars. The champions discuss relevant, personal leadership experiences and philosophies and provide insight into developing effective leadership traits and behaviors. Kelly Porschke, Director for the Security Assistances Directorate discussed topics on strategic thinking as a leader and how to look at the big picture to effectively accomplish the mission of our command and meet our customer’s needs.

Porschke graduated from St. Ambrose with a Business Management Degree. She began her civilian career in 2002 as a student intern with the Security Assistance Directorate (SAMD). Over the years, she has remained in SA as an Ammunition Case Manager, Team Leader for several teams within the SAMD, and most recently as the Division Chief for the Country Program Management Division. These positions afforded her the experience to understand the daily tasks and struggles of the SAMD. As she moved into positions with higher responsibilities, she was able to expand her thinking outside the immediate organization and consider impacts for a larger community throughout the Enterprise.

During Module 7, Porschke defined strategy and strategic thinking, identified characteristics of critical thinkers, and shared various tools, techniques, and approaches to thinking. She shared with participants, the importance of understanding the larger scope to meet the needs of the ammunition customers and developing the ability to strategically & critically think in order to adapt to change, and determine a successful path forward. Porschke also facilitated discussions about problem-solving, to include the fundamentals of and barriers to problem-solving and defining the problem statement.

“It is important to put yourself in other’s shoes and strategically think through multiple processes to support our customers in times of conflict. We need to analyze what our customer’s needs are and how we can utilize our ammunition in other areas and manage how it will impact the Warfighter,” said Porschke.

The current participants of the JMC Aspiring Leaders program will attend Module 8, Effective Delegation, April 2021.