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SUBJECT: Leader Note #3: The Next 30 days or so…

1. Purpose. This memo is for our division, brigade and battalion level leaders to describe our way forward over the next 30 days and ensure synchronization and alignment of our efforts. This builds on the concepts and fights at echelon described in Leader Note #2.

2. Situation. Our purpose remains unchanged to Fight and Win our Nation’s wars. We do this by putting our People First, Building Lethality, and Modernizing our Force. The Division continues building momentum and exploiting the initiative of People First. Winter Storm Uri caused significant Trooper/Family hardships and severe facilities damage but, because our leaders rose to the challenge in the spirit of People First, it became a galvanizing event for the Division. We are tremendously proud of how you and your subordinate leaders responded to the storm. You are delivering on our obligation to build cohesive teams that are highly trained, disciplined, and fit that can deploy anywhere and WIN. Our people are our most important weapon system so we must sustain this.

3. The following outlines the top five division priorities and expectations within them. These priorities drive the next thirty days as we transition into the third quarter, solidify People First gains and increase our Lethality.

4. Priority #1. OPERATION AUDACIOUS SUPPORT. Post Winter Storm support.

a. This is the Division’s #1 Priority over the next 30 days because it viscerally affects our Troopers and their Families and many of these needs are urgent. This week we transitioned from the immediate safety and welfare of Troopers and Families to Phase II: Near Term (Area Assessments). In this next phase, the expectation is for Companies to have the status of individual rooms, Battalions to know their buildings, and Brigades to understand the requirements of your respective footprints. The Division uses these assessments to set conditions for future construction / renovation. At the end of Phase II leaders have walked through every room in their AO and possess tracking mechanisms (running estimates) maintained at the respective headquarters by room / building / footprint to measure progress. This includes on post and off post Soldier residences.

b. Anticipate transition to Phase III: Mid/Long Term (Assessments / Impacts / Prioritization) NLT 21 March. Phase III represents the transition from a CUOPS centric response to a long term enduring recovery. Phase III is about maintaining momentum on quality of life / welfare issues identified in Phase II and emergent in Phase III as we transition back to readiness or modernization priorities. Essential to this is for all units to develop/leverage the junior enlisted and barracks councils for feedback on these improvements. Phase III includes two LOEs.

(1) Trooper Welfare. The Division will publish a Company Level Trooper Welfare Report to standardize tracking of living condition and financial losses.

(2) Facilities Damage / Recovery. The Division will publish a refined COP with increased fidelity of damages and potential future issues (e.g. mold). The intent is to ensure we can accurately scope and scale the damages across our formation which are going to consume a significant amount of money for repairs.

The desired outcome is resolution of all Trooper / family welfare issues and prioritized division Facilities Improvement Projects to improve quality of life and readiness into the future.

5. Priority #2. COVID 19. Our Nation’s number 1 priority. a. Vaccinations. It is our sacred responsibility to fight and win our nation’s wars. COVID mitigation measures delay spread but vaccination is the only way to WIN our nation’s war on COVID-19 and safeguard our Troopers and families. It is essential we get the majority of our formation supportive of the vaccine. It is a Trooper responsibility to protect one another by getting the vaccination and a Leader responsibility to care for Troopers and Families and dispel the rampant misinformation about the vaccine.

b. Mitigation. Continue to reinforce wearing masks, physical/social distancing, sanitizing and good hygiene. While non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) alone cannot win the war on COVID-19, they are essential to denying virus spread and buying time as we vaccinate.

6. Priority #3. CAV Commitment to PEOPLE FIRST. People First is the philosophy of HOW we do business. It is not just another thing we do, it is in everything we do. Ongoing Efforts to

set conditions for our Squad Leaders remain: a. Be a Cohesive Team – Leader and Led. Cohesive teams enable us to deploy, fight and dominate any adversary, anywhere, under any condition. Cohesive Teams are comprised of: Leaders with high moral character, the commitment to 24/7 leadership, the genuine care and concern for Troopers and Families, and the competence to know how to lead; AND holistically fit Troopers who are good teammates, motivated to learn. These

teams do not occur without deliberate effort. The most important time is when Troopers and Leaders first arrive. The first 120 days after a Trooper joins the unit are critical to shaping Troopers and their families into cohesive teams. Units must focus on how they are sponsoring and integrating their Troopers and Leaders. At the same time, the division is focusing its Ready Resilient (R2) and Combatting Corrosives campaigns into a ‘CAV Strong’ program to create holistically fit Troopers that do not allow corrosives in their ranks.

b. Be Predictable – Protected Times. Predictability starts with a disciplined training management system that enables coherent, well-resourced training. Be disciplined and rigorously enforce protected time – LTT, Family Time, Training meetings, etc. The Division initiated planning for a Red, Amber, Green cycle to increase tasking predictability. Leverage this system to maintain unit integrity during tasking and advance team cohesion.

c. Be a Leader – Leader Development Programs. Battalion level leaders are our agents of change and company level leaders allow us to WIN at the Point of Contact. Be intentional about your leader development programs at echelon. Leader Development Programs consist of Leader Certification events (spur rides, NCO Certs), tactical, maintenance and character LPDs, professional reading programs, and staff rides - each designed to create empowered, engaged and inspiring leaders.

d. Be Proud – CAV Country and CAV Centennial. Pride is essential for our Troopers to feel a sense of belonging and trust. Everyone should know when they enter ‘CAV Country.’ Think through what you are doing to clearly mark your area and celebrate our unique CAV lineage.

The Division continues to plan and prepare for our capstone centennial event; CAV Week 20-29SEP. Set the conditions for your Troopers to get the most of the incredible opportunity to learn our various regimental/unit histories. Also, never forget Troopers exude Pride when they know they are in a well-trained, disciplined, fit, and caring team. This pride will enable them to fight and win any battle in the most difficult and trying conditions.

7. Priority #4. READINESS. Pursuit of mastery in lethality - our raison d’etre. a. Leader’s Time Training is the cornerstone of building Trooper Readiness and training trainers – we will protect it at all costs. It is the high payoff event that trains and develops. Over time it will have a magnifying effect; fully invest in it!

b. Maximize quality repetitions at the small unit level; mastery of the basics and trusted leaders capable of solving complex problems guarantees success in combat more than rushing training progression through various gates. Do not dilute repetitions or events. Continue to train and maintain to 10/20 standard until told otherwise.

8. Priority #5. MODERNIZATION. The Army enterprise largely resources fielding events and those events remain relatively on schedule. Essential to completing modernization is turning in old equipment displaced by a fielding event. To enable this, the Division reassumes MDRS priority 8MAR. Unlike externally facilitated fieldings, leveraging MDRS requires a greater degree of your focus and attention. When executed properly, our MDRS window will provide us the opportunity to dramatically reduce excess, improve S-Ratings, save money, and help the Army.

9. We Are the CAV! We Are The First Team! Remember what it means to be a CAV Trooper:

COURAGEOUS: We have the moral courage to uphold the high standards and discipline of the CAV.

AUDACIOUS We display initiative and innovation. It’s why we are America’s First Team.

VICTORIOUS: We fight and WIN our Nation’s wars because we are made up of cohesive teams who are Disciplined, Trained and Fit.

10. Point of contact is the undersigned. Please feel free to reach out if you have concerns or issues at brett.g.sylvia.mil@mail.mil.


Brigadier General, U.S. Army