Army leaders have repeatedly emphasized that sexual harassment and sexual assault have no place in the Army. The Army Resilience Directorate supports this mission by providing numerous resources to Soldiers, Family members and DA Civilians on its website, www.ArmyResilience. From the homepage, people can choose from four different paths depending on their needs, taking the guesswork out of where to find specific information.

1.     If someone is in immediate need of help, the “I Need to Talk to Someone Now” link connects them with the DOD Safe Helpline in a single click. Whether they have been a victim or witness of sexual harassment or sexual assault, the Safe Helpline is always available 24/7 for immediate assistance and support.

2.     For those who need help and guidance following a sexual assault the “I Was Sexually Assaulted” link provides several resources including help to find their local Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), and provides the victim detailed instructions on what to do immediately after an assault. Information on restricted and unrestricted reporting and the CATCH program is also available.

3.     The "I Was Sexually Harassed" link provides resources for victims of sexual harassment. Visitors can easily find their SARC, connect to the DoD Safe Helpline, learn the differences between a formal and informal complaint, and the process of reporting each complaint. Also in this section, one can find out more about the continuum of harm, which explains how attitudes that allow or enable forms of harassment, beginning with hazing and bullying, can lead to more egregious behaviors and progress into sexual assault.

4.     The "I Want to Help Someone" link provides information on bystander intervention and how to talk to someone who has been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted. The impacts of trauma on victims are listed as well as talking points to help people communicate sensitively and effectively with victims.

Sexual assault doesn’t only happen to women. Information for Men explains what male victims may experience and includes a SARC locator and immediate connection to the DoD Safe Helpline. Toxic relationships can also be a contributor to sexual assault. The Healthy Relationships link explains components of healthy and unhealthy relationships to help prevent potential harm and sexual assault. If you have been sexually assaulted contact your SARC for support.