Sierra Army Depot has had one opportunity after another to showcase their core capabilities and more, and this month was no exception.

Doors were opened to Lt. Gen. Mitchell Stevenson, Army G-4, recently during a whirlwind visit to the Depot.

Lt. Col. Lee Schiller, depot commander, presented the command briefing to Stevenson during the hour drive from the airport to the depot, allowing more time to walk through mission operations.

The tour began in the long-term storage area where Mr. Donald Olson, deputy commander, explained that Sierra should be established as the Army's Combat Vehicle "End of First Life" Center.

Olson pointed out that Sierra currently performs a parts pull program that supports other depot's production lines, along with inventorying and cataloging reusable components on the combat vehicles. He highlighted the value to the Army of more than 8,000 components reclaimed, saving some $64 million since starting this program four years ago.

The next stop on the tour took the group through the Southwest Asia Equipment Redistribution (AJ1) Directorate.

Mr. John Dingman, director, explained the depot operates the Army's largest SARRS SSA operation in the world. Stevenson was impressed with the way the depot is able to receive containers, process material on a daily basis, while at the same time perform material storage and inventory accountability functions. He agreed that Sierra has the capacity to increase operations to support the upcoming drawdown of units from Iraq.

The final stop on the tour was the Fuel System Supply Point operations where Stevenson had a quick overview how a FSSP container is configured and all the components that are placed into the container that a Soldier in the field will need to have the item fully operational.

Prior to his departure, Stevenson complimented Schiller on the exemplary workforce at Sierra and their dedicated to accomplish the mission at hand and their passion to provide the best of the best for our Soldiers.