Registration underway for Soldier Showdown II
The online Soldier Showdown II offers the opportunity to compete in three separate gaming tournaments – one for Fortnite, Rocket League, and Call of Duty Warzone – for five grand prize packages. (Photo Credit: JENNIFER DEHAAN) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT KNOX, Ky. – Soldiers around the world have a unique chance to take their online gaming hobby to the next level and compete with one another for some awesome prizes.

Registration is underway for Soldier Showdown II, an online eGaming competition broken up into three separate tournaments. Players with top scores go on to the finals where they’ll contend for five grand prize packages.

Each game – Fortnite, Rocket League and Call of Duty Warzone – will have separate qualifier events where Soldiers work to accumulate as many points as possible. Participants can submit one entry per person, per week.

Participants can enroll up until one hour before the qualifier event. Check-in will then begin 55 minutes prior to the start time, and end 10 minutes before it begins. Failing to check-in will lead to disqualification from that competition.

All active-duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers may participate, as well as military members from the other services. The signup instructions are as follows:

• Visit

• Scroll down to the side-by-side options to either ‘Register Here’ or scan the QR code for mobile (cannot be completed on a military network computer).

• Once on the Soldier Showdown page, click the yellow box in the top right corner, then select ‘REGISTER’ and fill out the form. When finished, click ‘SIGN UP’ at the bottom.

Soldiers wishing to play in the events will need to have both a Twitch and Discord account. A Twitch username is required to register. A link to join Discord is located on the Soldier Showdown homepage.

Five grand prize packages will be awarded. They include the Soldier’s choice of a gaming system (Xbox Series X or Play Station 5), Complexity Gaming promo items, a 2-hour block with a Complexity professional gamer, and a two-day visit with the U.S. Army Esports team at the Army Recruiting Command Headquarters, Fort Knox.

There will be one winner for the Fortnite and Rocket League tournaments, and three winners for Call of Duty Warzone, which will be played in 3x3 teams.

The qualifying events begin March 13, with the grand finals for each one on the Saturday following their completion.