JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - Brig. Gen. Michael J. Lally, commanding general of the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), from Fort Knox, Ky., met with leaders from the 49th Transportation Battalion to discuss the battalion's operations here July 2.

Fort Hood's 49th Trans. Bn. replaced Fort Bragg's 330th Trans. Bn., and provides command and control for more than 20 movement control teams with contracted augmentation.

"Clearly our first priority is accomplishment of our mission, our movement control and our highway regulation missions and uninterrupted support to the combat forces in theater," said Lt. Col. Peter M. Haas, the 49th Trans. Bn. commander. Haas and more than 20 senior leaders from the 49th Trans. Bn. attended a meeting to brief Lally of their mission, highlight the drawdown plan for their movement control teams and ideas for contractors to replace redeploying service members.

The 49th Trans. Bn. detailed their drawdown plans in four phases which includes plans to move approximately two division headquarters, two sustainment brigades and nine MCTs out of country.

During the meeting, the leadership also showed Lally some base initiatives planned by the 49th and their predecessor, the 330th Trans Bn. One project of the 49th Trans. Bn. includes adoption of Killeen field that according to 49th Trans. Bn. leaders, service members in the unit will clean the field three times a week as a base community service.

Before departing the 49th Trans. Bn. headquarters, Lally presented several coins to Soldiers for excellence in their sections. "You have a big, tough mission over here," Lally said. "It's that positive control to keep on track, because in theater it is very important. We have a sustainer mission and as we get into the drawdown that is a tough mission so you really have to stay on top of that."