WIESBADEN, Germany – The annual overseas housing allowance survey is available on-line for the month of March.The results of the survey directly impacts the amount of housing allowance each service member receives, as the overseas housing allowance is a cost-reimbursement based allowance.You can access the survey at http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/ohaSurvey.cfm?ID=mar-util.If you have been stationed in Germany for at least six months and reside in privately leased quarters and are not a homeowner, you are qualified to take the survey.A service member who shares rent with another service-member or civilian who receives a living quarters allowance are not qualified to take the survey.Spouses should also complete the survey, either with the service member of if the service member is not available to take the survey.Part of this year’s survey will capture actual utility expense and recurring maintenance expenses provided by participants, by referencing utility bills and receipts for maintenance expenses or estimates of these expenses.These include electricity, natural gas for heating and cooking, bottled gas, kerosene, heating oil, coal, firewood, sewer, trash, running water for the residence, bottled water for drinking, rental insurance required by custom, law or lease, maintenance and repair costs. This excludes yard or lawn maintenance.