Cadet Nathaniel Garate from New Mexico Military Institute
Cadet Nathaniel Garate from New Mexico Military Institute (Photo Credit: courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL
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What makes the Cadet stand out among his/her peers?

Cadet Nathaniel Garate, has gone above and beyond this semester in distinguishing himself as a future professional commissioned leader. He has maintained his 4.0 GPA and his #1 academic class ranking at New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI). Because of his academic performance, physical fitness, competent leadership, and military bearing, we selected him among our 84 Cadets to receive the program's only allocated Cadet Advanced Individual Training (CAIT) slot to Air Assault Training over the winter break. In addition to his outstanding performance in the Senior ROTC program, Cadet Garate is the commander of the NMMI Corps of Cadets’ 3rd Squadron—the largest of NMMI’s three squadrons. He is an active member of our Bataan Memorial Death March ruck team, our Ranger Challenge team, and has worked to become an intermediate speaker of Mandarin Chinese.

Why did you join Army ROTC? And what are your plans for your Army career?

I joined the US Army to defend my country. I also feel that in the Army's expeditionary role, it is a chance for me to be a part of making the world a better place, especially in countries in the developing world. ROTC at NMMI has made it possible for me to afford a quality college education. After I commission from the ECP (Early Commissioning Program) program and finish my bachelor's, I am hoping to go active duty and branch infantry.

Who motivates you as a leader?

To me, my biggest motivator is the people around me that hold me to the highest of standards, this includes my family, my peers, my subordinates, and of course myself. I would like to be a leader that has no fear and makes good decisive decisions that help the livelihoods of my subordinates and the people around me. To be somebody that acts as a pillar for everyone to lean on and a torch to light the way along the path, that is my goal.

How do you manage ROTC and your other college commitments?

It is all about time management, being able to juggle the Corps at NMMI, ROTC, and academics, as well as fitting my own separate physical fitness time is a hassle. However, with proper scheduling and time management, it becomes a habitual task to take care of everything at NMMI. Those who fail to efficiently utilize their time are the only ones that have to worry about falling behind in a subject of their life.

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