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ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Harassment training in the workplace is nothing new. Clicking through power points, sitting through hours of face to face training, again nothing new. Mandatory training requirements ensure all employees receive and acknowledge workplace harassment training.

Training is essential to understanding how to recognize and prevent harassment, but creating a culture of equality, dignity and respect around training will ensure a lasting impact. As an organization, we acknowledge training is not always the issue, it can be the behavior of employees as well. Harassment affects the entire organization, not just one person. It can have a domino effect in a work center.

As the command addresses diversity and inclusion programs, keep in mind that preventing harassment in the workplace is at the forefront. Through ongoing command initiatives, the Civilian Harassment Intervention Program, or CHIP, is taking a more hands on approach to combating harassment. Our new training provides real world scenarios and discussions where employees can express their experiences. We provide modeling techniques that empower our supervisors to a more cultural approach of leading. Our training emphasizes the significant roles that front line supervisors and middle management has on creating and defining a workplace of dignity and respect. It reinforces command policies and the importance of being professional, respectful and appropriate. We ask, is it enough to just know better? For the CHIP coordinator, the answer is no. Therefore, the CHIP program is working to assist in creating a workplace where every employee has a harassment free work day.

For more information, or to report harassment through the CHIP program, contact me at 256-235-6243. Stop Harassment and make CHIP Happen!