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What makes the Cadet stand out among his/her peers?

Cadet Wayne Triplett is an MSIV at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Wayne joined the Nanook Battalion at the start of the Fall 2019 Semester as an Active Duty Option (ADO) Cadet. In less than one semester, Wayne immediately stood out from his peers as the most capable leader in his class. He is a competent, mature, and adaptable leader who is quick to learn and eager to selflessly serve others.

Cadet Triplett has served the Unites States Army honorable with nearly 15 years of active duty service. He has been inducted into the Order of St. Maurice for his outstanding contributions to the Infantry branch. He has served as an Instructor and Jump Master at the Basic Airborne Course, where he was responsible for the safety and training of over 3500 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines over a three-year period. He has completed his Associates, as well as his Bachelor’s degree while serving on active duty, and he is now furthering his education by pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration, where he holds a 3.5 GPA.

In a very short period, Cadet Triplett’s contributions and dedication to the program truly set the example for others to follow. In one semester alone, Wayne volunteered for numerous events and has proven himself a leader in the Nanook Battalion. As a brand-new Cadet to the program, Cadet Triplett was utilized to help the development and growth of his peers with the use of his knowledge as an Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer. His years of experience enabled difficult and realistic training for all of the Cadets in the Nanook Battalion. Cadet Triplett’s time as an instructor for the Army’s Airborne School, fostered a teaching environment that was instrumental in preparing his fellow Cadets for the rigorous tasks of becoming commissioned Army officers.

Furthermore, Wayne was selected to serve on the Academic Decision Review Committee, as the representative for the Graduate school. The Academic Decision Review Committee is an ad hoc committee that formally reviews a contested final grade assignment, dismissal from or denial of admission to an academic program based upon academic considerations or other academic decisions. Students that are selected to serve on this committee are volunteering to fight for the rights of every student that is a part of the University of Alaska system. This representation is important to ensuring that all students are treated fairly and with respect. Cadet Triplett’s display of integrity, and lack of fear to speak for what is right was the reason why he was asked to serve in this capacity. This is an honor that not only speaks to how his graduate school peers view him, but how the professors and staff of the university view him as well.

Cadet Triplett has also been recognized nationally for his leadership ability and potential. This year he was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. Students are selected by their University for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction.

Cadet Triplett is the epitome of a team builder, and his ability to influence and integrate into any team is impressive. Wayne has the right mix of experience, attitude and intelligence to perform in any capacity. His diverse background, education and commitment to the team makes him the ideal leader to highlight!

In the Cadet’s words:  

Serving in the Army on the enlisted side, I saw so many brand-new Lieutenants come and go. I also saw how their initial experience shaped who they would become and how it would affect the enlisted Soldiers that they would eventually lead. I knew too many Soldiers that chose to terminate their service because of toxic or weak leadership, and I knew that I could make a change. I know what it is like to be the small man on the ground. I made it my goal to always strive to become better as each day passed and I truly felt that I had the experience and drive to become a successful officer. When I was chosen for the Green to Gold program, I never took it lightly. I have maintained that drive ever since. I truly know how valuable this experience and opportunity is, and I will always endeavor to become better tomorrow than I am today.

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