FORT SILL, Okla., Feb. 11, 2021 — Let me try to throw in a little excitement for this time of year by reminding you of a great reason to get out and enjoy the wild side. This is also a reason to get the kids away from the computer or TV, and let them enjoy a little blue sky and water.My first option is to go off post and enjoy some trout fishing. Medicine Park’s trout fishing area has been a success over the years and they are doing it again this year. Since the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation took over the stocking effort all you need is a state fishing license and you can fish there as much as you want.They started stocking trout Nov. 1 and will continue through March 15, so there is plenty of time left to enjoy some days out on the creek. The daily limit is six and that means no more than six in your possession while in the field. The possession limit is 12.They stock the area from below the Gondola Dam all the way down to the dam just north of the bridge on Highway 49. It’s well marked with signs. You will find anglers congregated around favorite areas along this stretch, but you just might hook one almost anywhere. It is pretty interesting fishing among the old cobblestone buildings of historic downtown Medicine Park.This year they added a feature to help fly anglers. From the vehicle bridge near Riverside Café upstream to the dam at Bath Lake, they use a net to help hold trout in the shallower water of this area. This should provide anglers fishing flies better access (wading) and easier fishing. So you might want to give it a try.People often ask what are the best baits, and while I haven’t tested it much myself this year, I hear that most of the regular baits from past years are still working.The tried and true Power Bait (usually in whatever color I don’t have) seems to top the list. Then there are always some folks using salmon eggs with good results. I’ve even seen people having good luck on marshmallows. Others swear by minnows. Lure chunkers seem to like super dupers best, but other folks use rooster tails or even spoons that do the trick. On some days flies are the answer. It just depends on the day and the weather.The best part of fishing in Medicine Park is that if the fish stop biting you can always take a break and visit the little shops that are right at the creek’s edge. Another thing to do (one my favorites) is stop for lunch or dinner at one of the local eateries. Maybe fish for half a day and visit the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge for the other half.There are other trout areas scattered around the state, and you can find out more about them by going to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation website. One of my favorites is Blue River, but I hear they are all a lot of fun.The second option as the weather warms (hopefully) would be to try some areas along Medicine Creek as it runs through Fort Sill. Or maybe go to one of the 150 ponds on post that are regularly stocked for your enjoyment. There have even been reports of folks catching bass over 10 pounds and releasing them. So they should still be waiting for you!They may not have any historic shops or restaurants, but the scenery is hard to beat and you never know what other wildlife you may see. There have even been several reports of otters along various stretches of the creek.And of course in the creek there is always the chance of catching a big old flathead catfish or maybe a smallmouth bass. The creek can be a very interesting place to fish. Best of all the ticks, chiggers, and snakes aren’t out yet.For those of you who are new to the area or just starting to use Fort Sill rangelands, I want to point out that for safety reasons the use of Fort Sill rangelands are restricted. Anyone who qualifies for access to these lands must take the Sportsmen Safety Class which is given every Thursday at noon.