Fort Detrick Fire Capt. Jeffery Miller is closing out a long and successful 21-year career with the Department of the Army Civilian Fire and Emergency Services at Fort Detrick and Forest Glen, Maryland.During his time of service, Miller has risen through the ranks from firefighter, driver operator, fire inspector, and finally as a supervisory firefighter at the rank of Captain.Miller has dedicated many years in service to the country, state, and local communities. Miller's fire service career began in 1986 at the West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department in Lanham, Maryland. There, he continued serving Prince Georges County's communities, moving up the chain of command until becoming the deputy fire chief. Miller's dedication to community and service has played a significant role in his life. His expertise and experience have shaped who he is as a person, firefighter, mentor, and fire officer. His desire to serve is evident in his performance and commitment to the Fort Detrick Fire Department. His unrelenting dedication is not only seen by those he works with or interacts with regularly but by all those in the fire service community across Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties.Miller's federal service began in 1998 as a firefighter, driver operator, and emergency medical technician with the Fort Ritchie Fire Department in Cascade, Maryland, before becoming a member of the Water Reed Fire and Emergency Services Department in 1999. In the beginning, there was no way to know how long his fire service career would last, but he knew this was the path for his life and took positions that would fulfill his dream of becoming a career firefighter.Throughout his career, Miller's dedication to service resulted in receiving many accolades and awards. Including service awards from The United States Army, Department of Defense, local community organizations, and the Prince Georges County Government and fire department. While serving at Walter Reed, Forest Glen, and Fort Detrick, Miller responded to over two thousand service calls. Calls ranged from Structural Fires, Hazardous Materials Response, Technical Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services to other life, safety, and property threats.During his time with Fort Detrick, his contributions led to the department's recognition as the Department of the Army "Best Medium Size Fire Department” in 2013. Captain Miller can also take great pride in being a part of this department achieving accreditation through the Commission of Fire Service Accreditation International in 2019.Miller takes great pride in mentoring, passing on his knowledge to fellow firefighters and junior officers through training, guidance, and direction, meeting a high standard of performance and personnel growth. Miller willfully shares his expertise and tricks of the trade he’s mastered over his 22 years of continuous service to all department members."Captain Jeff Miller is an excellent example of someone who takes pride in the job, working hard to serve the people in his community day in and day out. We will miss his presence, his leadership, his counsel, and his passion. We wish him well as he takes this next step in retirement," said Fort Detrick Fire Chief Sean Edwards.Miller may be closing a chapter in a fire and emergency services career as a professional firefighter but will continue to serve the people of his community as a volunteer. He will continue a life of service that has seen many highs, some lows, but overall, rewarding. Miller will use the lessons learned and experiences gained during his fire service career to continue teaching and protecting others for many years to come.We thank you for your service Fire Capt. Miller