BEMOWO PISKIE TRAINING AREA, Poland- Newly arrived U.S. Army Soldiers from Bull Troop, 1st Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment, enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland, performed crew level maneuver platform gunnery qualification tables on a range at Bemowo Piskie Training Area, Poland, to prove their weapons skills as vital members in Battle Group Poland’s collective defense team.According to U.S. Army Cpt. Tucker Warner, Bull Troop Commander, 1st Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment, crew level qualification is crucial in order to ensure troops are safely and effectively able to acquire and engage targets, and maneuver down range in the Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle-Javelin. Mastery over these tasks at the squad level sets the conditions for all future activities at Battle Group Poland, where Bull Troop will be integrated with multinational partners and allies in a variety of upcoming training events and exercises.“We bring specific and unique capabilities to the table, from our Mark 19 grenade launchers, 50 cal. weapons, and our 30 millimeter cannons... to our Javelins,” Warner explained.Javelin anti-tank missiles and a 30mm cannon outfit the U.S. Army’s ICV-J which is currently deployed in response to a joint operational need in the European theater. They are just part of the lethal arsenal eFP BGP maintains here.“Proficiency at every level on all of our weapons ensures we are an asset to the battle group,” said Warner.Record cold weather and heavy snowfall continue to pose challenges, but Soldiers are able to adapt and overcome readily as Bull Troop leaders provide a warming tent and hot meals to personnel in the field. They also regularly instruct Troops on proper use of equipment and uniform items to maximize cold-weather efficiency, and provide training on climate injury prevention and care.“The cold is a very formidable foe,” said Warner. “But our troops have the adequate training and equipment– and the adequate attitude to be able to fight at any time or place.”