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In December, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Commanding General Maj. Gen. Todd Royar wrote a column on “hunting the good” and making a conscious effort to highlight the positive things happening across the command.

A recently revamped program can help supervisors recognize excellence in their teams.

The MVP program is part of the AMCOM Award and Recognition Program and is just one of many employee-appreciation mechanisms.

Supervisors will continue to submit MVP selections just as they did before. Before now, board members would only meet quarterly to review packets.

Now, three director-level voting board members will review AMCOM MVP nominations monthly. Commanders or directors from 14 directorates and staff sections – not including G-1 – serve on a rotational basis.

“The quarterly review of MVP nominations put a burden on the board members by taking several days to review all MVP nominations for the quarter,” said AMCOM G-1 Awards Program Manager Megan Smith. “The change is that a board [now] meets on a monthly basis and reviews the MVP nominations for that month and provides a score for each nominee.”

At the end of each quarter, board members will again convene to score nominations. The AMCOM chief of staff will complete the final review and concur or non-concur on the selectee(s) that will be forwarded for consideration as the U.S. Army Materiel Command Top Employee of the Quarter.

AMCOM employees with questions about this program can contact Smith at megan.n.smith.civ@mail.mil.