A historic moment for Florida as the first female assumes command of a Field Artillery (FA) Battery in the State. Capt. Jane M. Ramey assumed command of B/3-116th Field Artillery Battalion on December 6, 2020, making her the first female Field Artillery Officer to command an FA battery in the Florida Army National Guard (FLARNG).“It’s pretty exciting,” said Ramey.Ramey brings command experience from a previous command in 2015 where she commanded the 3-116th Forward Support Company (FSC), however this is her first command of a field artillery battery. While Ramey is not the first female Field Artillery Officer, she is the first to take command of an FA battery in Florida.“I’ve been working towards being a Field Artillery Officer since 2013, and was finally able to become field artillery in 2019,” said Ramey. “I was even more excited to find out they were trusting me to take command.”Ramey commissioned into the FLARNG in 2008 through the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) after serving over four years as an enlisted member. Throughout her commissioned career she has served in multiple positions within 3-116th FA BN to include Battalion Property Book Officer and Battalion Sustainment Officer (S4). A graduate of Florida Southern College, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Ramey is a native of Naples, Fla. and currently resides in Groveland with her husband Patrick.When asked what advice she has for future females aspiring to branch FA, Capt. Ramey said,“just know that it requires a lot of hard work to move past the stigma, but if you work hard then you will be good to go.”In 2014 the Army opened about 3,600 Field Artillery officer positions to women.