Cadet Dalton Mills participating in Land Navigation during an Army ROTC lab at the University of Sou
Cadet Dalton Mills participating in Land Navigation Lab (Photo Credit: courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL
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What makes the Cadet stand out among his/her peers?

Dalton Mills has an unrivaled desire for excellence, both in himself and those around him. He consistently earns the highest scores both academically and physically. Cadet Mills always arrives prepared for labs and class and raises the performance of his fellow cadets.

Why did you join Army ROTC?

I joined Army ROTC to refine my leadership skills and see if I have what it takes to be successful within the military. I am not sure what I want to branch, but I know I want my military service to complement my work as a civilian.

Who motivates you as a leader?

I am motivated by the cadets around me. Not only do I want to compete, but I also want to elevate my peers so that we may succeed together. This motivation drives me everywhere from the classroom to the STX (Situational Training Exercise) lanes.

How do you manage Army ROTC and your other college commitments?

I have found that managing ROTC and a college life can be done through effective time management. For me, that means working on homework early in the morning when I am mentally productive and saving the evening for social activities and sleep.

About Army ROTC

Army ROTC is one of the best leadership courses in the country and is part of your college curriculum. Through classes and field training, Army ROTC provides you with the tools to become an Army Officer without interfering with your other classes. ROTC also provides you with discipline and money for tuition while enhancing your college experience.

Army ROTC offers pathways to becoming an Army Officer for high school students, current active duty Soldiers, and for current National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers through the Simultaneous Membership Program.

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