FORT SILL, Oklahoma (Feb. 4, 2021) -- A new app for permanent party Soldiers living in barracks here simplifies requesting work orders.The Army Maintenance Application, or ArMA, came online Jan. 19, after months of testing at three installations, said Janet Nelson, Fort Sill Directorate of Public Works, Business Branch chief, in an email interview. ArMA benefits Soldiers by providing an easy, convenient online submission process.“For the customer, it is a paperless process,” Nelson said, “and DPW is required to monitor two separate systems to ensure ArMA requests are processed in a timely manner.”Using ArMANelson explained how Soldiers can access ArMA.Customers must first sign up through the website (this site is also on the Digital Garrison).Select a browser and key in (It is critical that the applicant respond to the email that is sent after signing up for the program.)Once the application has been processed the customer can enter their maintenance requests. Thisinformation will be reviewed by DPW personnel for action. A work order number will be assigned which creates an order for the repairman. Once the maintenance issue has been resolved the work order staff will notate the status in the system.ArMA lets customers  upload pictures, which can help maintenance workers to identify the issue more efficiently, Nelson said.At the Fires Center of Excellence virtual town hall meeting Jan. 19, Command Sgt. Maj. Russell Blackwell, garrison CSM, spoke about ArMA.ArMA provides a direct conversation from the Soldier needing support to DPW, which will acknowledge the work order, and its status, Blackwell said.He noted that when Soldiers put in a request, they must list their supervisor. This lets the supervisor know that a service order has been put in for a specific barracks and room.Also at the town hall, FCoE and Fort Sill Command Sgt. Maj. Stephen Burnley said he tested ArMA with a submission and within two hours he received a response.DPW receives about 350 work orders each week, said Nelson. As Soldiers become aware of ArMA, many of those barracks-related orders will be submitted through the app. The app is only for barracks residents.ArMA came about because of the 2019 Department of Defense housing crisis, said Nelson. There was a congressional mandate for Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) housing providers to deliver apps for RCI residents to submit and track maintenance requests. The Army Materiel Command commanding general Gen. Edward Daly also mandated that Army-owned barracks have a comparable app.Soldiers needing assistance with ArMA can visit