HUMPHREYS GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- A new environmental watershed across from Independence Park not only offers indigenous wildlife a natural wetland habitat, but it also provides a quiet park for those who live and work here.

The $750,000, 4.5-acre project, which officially opened on July 2, was a collaboration between the Humphreys Garrison Natural Resources Management Branch, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East District and Beautiful Environmental Construction.

"This was an environmental project for a storm water retention basin and we had several different objectives," said Dr. David W. Johnson, chief, Environmental Division, Directorate of Public works. "Not only is it going to be good for us to be able to help with the storm water quality but also to help with the flooding down-stream. It will also add recreational value to this portion of the installation."

Johnson said the watershed park area is a green project. Its bridges and railings were constructed out of recycled materials and water pumps and lighting are powered by solar panels across the street from the site.

"Any power collected by the solar panels is tied to the Humphreys' main grids and any stored energy goes directly back to the garrison to save us on electricity from the outside," said Michael Stephenson, chief, Natural Resources Management Branch.

The environmentally-friendly park features walking trails, a picnic area, waterfalls and a fountain.

"This was truly a team work effort by Dr. Lee and Doc Johnson," said Ted Kwon, Environmental programs Project Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East District. "They gave us a great plan of how this would all work out and BEC went above and beyond their scope of work to present a product such as this. I'm sure everyone at Humphreys Garrison will appreciate it for many years to come."

Visitors to the Beacon Hill Park can walk on wooded trails that feature wooden benches and native Korean tree and plant life.

"It was a pleasure working with everyone at Humphreys," said renovations designer Dr. Lee, Suk-young, principle investigator with Beautiful Environmental Construction. "Doc Johnson's hands-on management helped me make the final product beautiful."