FORT POLK, La. — Fort Polk’s Volunteer of the Quarter Recognition Ceremony took place Jan. 26 at Bayou Theater. The event highlighted members of the Fort Polk community who volunteer in various ways and, often, beyond their day job.The ceremony kicked off with a video montage featuring many of the volunteers in action.After the video, Brig. Gen. David S. Doyle, Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk commanding general, told the audience that those pictures represent the diversity and the amazing reach that people have as volunteers.Doyle said if you look at the Army’s priorities right now, it’s about putting people first.“When we talk about the volunteers we have in this community, in many cases, you have put other people ahead of yourself and made their lives better,” he said.Doyle said these volunteers chose the people, organizations and circumstances important enough to offer their time, energy and effort to make a contribution.“That’s inspiring and motivating. Thanks to the video, I can see how much you enjoy (volunteering) and gain from being a part of the process,” he said.Doyle said he hopes to continue hosting these volunteer recognition ceremonies.“Not only do we give you credit for the awesome job that you’ve done, but the chain of command and those in attendance will be inspired to volunteer and encourage others to take this opportunity to contribute and make a difference in the lives of people in their community,” he said.Doyle said he is proud to be affiliated with a group like this.“It’s impressive to see what you do on a daily basis, and thank you for your genuine care, concern and love for others as demonstrated through your volunteerism,” he said.During the ceremony, 38 people were recognized for their contributions as volunteers.• Chelsie Weinberg, spouse of 1st Sgt. Andrew Weinberg of 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, is a Family Readiness Group leader for her husband’s unit.“I volunteer for my husband’s Soldiers. I was a Soldier, so I feel it’s important to take care of Soldiers and spouses,” she said.Weinberg said she does everything from checking in on spouses when their Soldiers are training to taking part in gift-wrapping events.“I do whatever they need,” she said. “When I was a Soldier, I wished that I had been taken care of like I try to take care of my husband’s Soldiers today,” she said. “I appreciate being acknowledged for what I do, but I also feel like it’s just my job. If I didn’t do it, who would?”• Kindra Madison, spouse, volunteers for Dental Activity and said she chose to volunteer because people motivate her, and she loves interacting with them.Madison was recognized for her work as president of the unit’s fundraising and social committee for Fort Polk Dental Health Activity’s annual Organizational Day.“It’s awesome to be recognized. It feels good that people appreciate the things I do,” she said.• Josias Blount (13) and his brother, Jamel (10) volunteered at the Main Post Chapel after Hurricane Laura to help clean up storm debris.Josias said it was hard work; but once he got out there and saw how bad (the damage) was, he wanted to pitch in to help.Jamel agreed that it was hard work, and said that one of the hardest things was missing his dog while he volunteered.Both Blount brothers said it was nice to be thanked for the work they did.“I liked getting the certificate,” said Jamel.• Staff Sgt. Ryan Facklam, Operations Group, and his friend, Staff Sgt. Jason Aguilar, were acknowledged for their efforts volunteering to clean up debris in the wake of Hurricane Laura.Facklam said their main focus was disaster assistance — picking up debris and litter — in the Sabine National Forest.“After the hurricane, Jason contacted the person in charge of one of the beaches in the forest, and asked if he could use some help. The guy was ecstatic that we were willing to help clean up. We brought our own trash bags, and it took several weekends to accomplish the task,” he said.Facklam was also honored for volunteering at Fort Polk’s Army Community Service after Hurricane Laura, ensuring the building’s landscape wVolas up to Fort Polk standards.Facklam said it’s nice to be thanked, but he’ll continue to do the work that needs to be done, regardless of whether he is recognized or not.“It feels good to give back to the community,” he said.