U.S. Army Major Ingrid Álvarez motivates Panamá National Police Major Alexander Camaño and Dominican Republic Major Alan Adames to continue pushing themselves as they follow the lead of Major Darlene Akom. In the background, Major David Ortiz awaits his turn to push the ground a little bit.
Members of Alpha team train for The Murph Challenge. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Photo by Milton F. Mariani Rodríguez)

FORT BENNING, GA - Members of WHINSEC's Commanding and General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC) Alpha team take advantage of a short break in class today to train in preparation for "The Murph Challenge."

The Murph Challenge is the Official annual fundraiser of the U.S. Navy LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Funds go towards the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Navy SEAL Museum/Sea Cadet Training Facility in Long Island, NY. Additionally, over 30 scholarships have been awarded throughout the years.

The challenge has traditionally taken place on Memorial weekend at the end of May. Interested participants register at TheMurphChallenge.com, starting on Apr 1, 2021. Once the registrants have completed their "Murph" challenge, they are asked to return to the webpage and log in their "Murph" time to compare their achievement with other participants worldwide. All times submitted will be displayed on a worldwide leaderboard found at TheMurphChallenge.com. From that board, the top 5 Men and top 5 Women will be recognized for their efforts.

Because of the CGSOC class dates, participants will conduct the challenge and log their times during the Presidents' Holiday weekend in February.

"We will complete it over the holiday weekend; some solo, some in teams," said event organizer Maj. Darlene Akom, CGSOC Alpha team member.
She added, " The Murph Challenge consists of recording how long it takes to; run one mile; do 100 pull-ups; do 200 push-ups; do 300 squats; finish with one mile run. If you are on a team you can divide the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats amongst yourselves; everyone must do the first and last event(one mile run)."
"This builds our fitness level, plus a little bit of healthy team competition / team building," concluded Akom.