Fort Jackson’s Army Community Service presented a webinar on the Thrift Savings Plan for service members and federal civilian employees Jan. 25.The goal of the webinar was to give attendees a better understanding of the TSP program, discuss the difference between Roth and Traditional accounts, how to avoid penalties, and many more tips and resources.Angela R. Crosland, Financial Readiness Program Manager, Army Community Service, said that ACS has something for everyone."Regardless of age or where you are in your career, how you manage your finances can impact financial stability,” Crosland said.“We at ACS offer classes and counseling every step of the way,” she added. “From basic classes such as budgeting and money management to more advanced class such as investing and estate planning, we try to build financial resilience and help Soldiers maintain mission readiness. We will tailor classes to meet your needs."The webinar went into detail on subjects such as how to maximize your contribution and the rules for contributing. Attendees also learned the various things that can affect your TSP balance at retirement such as how long you make contributions; how much you contribute; and different asset allocation strategies.Slides also covered investment considerations, different types of loans and withdrawals, and ended with tips and resources available.Anyone interested in learning more can go directly to the TSP website, or call(877) YOU-FRST/ (877)968-3778.Upcoming classes offered by ACS include Money and Mindset, Feb. 9, and Love and Money Matters, Feb. 11.For more information and to register, call 751-5256.