Routines have gone by the wayside and with that are many of the good habits people put into place for their health.

The Army Wellness Center wants to help everyone get back into, or find new ways of being healthy with the Kick Start Challenge. It’s a partner challenge and it runs Feb. 1-28.

Kick Start Challenge
Sign up for the Kick Start Challenge at the Army Wellness Center with a partner to get back into, or create healthy habits. Initial assessments must be done between Feb. 1-3. The competition runs all February with the top three teams winning a prize from Fort Sill Family, Morale, Welfare & Recreation. (Photo Credit: Marie Pihulic) VIEW ORIGINAL

“This is not necessarily a typical New Year’s challenge geared toward weight loss. This is basically to kind of re-energize, motivate people to get into the swing of things when it comes to their health,” said Seann Hightower, Army Wellness Center supervisor.

He said participants will of course be doing things that support weight management, or weight loss, but the focus is not on the scale. It is about the steps it takes to get to healthy individual goals.

“The first step is coming in for a health and BodPod assessment. We’ll review your goals, what you’re currently doing for exercise, how you view your own nutrition and behaviors concerning your health and wellness, and then we’ll develop a plan of action,” said Hightower.

Each team will be assigned to one health educator throughout the entire challenge.

“It’s just really to motivate folks to start getting in that mindset to get of getting on top of their health and wellness,” said Hightower.

To sign up for the challenge, teams must call 580-442-6340 to schedule their individual assessments and body composition analysis. Participants don’t have to come in with their partner, but initial assessments must be completed between Feb. 1 and 3 to participate in the challenge.

So far teams run the gamut of those represented at Fort Sill. There is a husband-and-wife team, two Soldiers, retirees, and Department of the Army civilians.

“All those who are eligible for our services are welcome to participate in the challenge,” said Hightower.

Family members of Soldiers are also eligible to participate. Hightower said the more accountability you can have in meeting your goals, the better.

“It’s a good solid four weeks of tracking some behaviors that you can carry over to the following months,” said Hightower. “I know with COVID-19, the best way to combat that is to make sure we’re healthy to begin with.”

Fort Sill Family Morale Welfare and Recreation is offering prizes to the first, second, and third place teams. Teams who have the most points at the end of the challenge, win.

Point system:

Initial health assessment/BodPod assessment: 15 points.

Metabolic analysis or health coaching: 10 points.

Fitness assessment (back strength/grip strength/flexibility: 10 points.

Stress Management Class: 5 points.

Healthy Sleep Habits Class: 5 points.

Upping Your Metabolism Class: 5 points.

Fueling for Health Class: 5 points.

Staying Fit Home and Away Class: 5 points.

ACFT Performance Optimization Class: 5 points.

Track your food/calorie intake for a seven-day consecutive period **post on social media or show Health Educator** : 15 points.

Track 10,000 steps a day **post on social media or show Health Educator: 5 points-5x total.

Try a heart healthy recipe included in the challenge packet. **post on social media or show Health Educator: 10 points-4x total.

Meal prepping and/or bringing healthy lunches to work **post on social media or show Health Educator: 5 points-2x total.

Drink at least 64 oz of water in one day **post on social media or show Health Educator: 3 points-5x total.

Complete partner workout included in challenge packet **post on social media or show Health Educator: 15 points.

Check in to a fitness facility, post a picture of workout/being active, try a new recipe, post a motivational quote, or choose healthy meal options and post to social media tagging Ft Sill Army Wellness Center on Facebook or @fortsillawc on Instagram ** Will count one post per day for the total of four weeks: 2 points per post- 28 points total.

Track a health and fitness goal using AWC calendar and show Health Educator and the end of challenge: 20 points.

Final BodPod assessment: 20 points.