WHINSEC Commandant honored by the Peruvian Army.

By Milton Mariani RodriguezJanuary 25, 2021

"The job of defending this hemisphere is ours. It does not belong to any single country or force. Our work together is beaming on what is a very complicated world right now," - John Dee Suggs Jr.
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FORT BENNING, GA – Recently, Col. John D. Suggs Jr. was presented the Peruvian Army Medal during a virtual ceremony between the Institute and the Peruvian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Brigade General Manuel E. Risco, defense attaché at the Peruvian Embassy in Washington D.C. presented the medal on behalf of Commanding General of the Peruvian Army, General Jorge O. Céliz Kuong to COL John Dee Suggs Jr.

The Peruvian Army Medal was presented to Suggs for his sustained support throughout the years to Peruvian Army men and women.

During his remarks Suggs commented, “I really cannot stress enough how honored I am to receive this honor. This honor is awarded to me, but I am aware that the things that led to this honor, I did not achieve alone. I would like to receive this honor on behalf of all the Peruvian and American officers who worked with me.”
“Shoulder to shoulder I worked with my brothers and sisters to solve complicated problems, seeking solutions and efficiencies in support of the Peruvian Army, defender of the Peruvian people, to be more capable in their work for Peru,” he concluded
Risco remarked, “The medal that you have on your chest bears the figure of our colonel and patron of the army, Colonel Francisco Bolognesi Cervantes. Bolognesi, immolated himself at the Morro de Arica, raising the dignity of an entire nation. With his famous phrase, "I have sacred duties to fulfill and I will fulfill them until the last cartridge is burned," he leaves us the legacy that we must make all our effort in any mission that is assigned to us with dignity and love for our country.”

The medal is granted on the grounds of Meritorious Acts for the benefit of the Army. It is bestowed to personnel who have made significant contributions to the Institution, thereby supporting the Peruvian Army Command's achievement of its objectives.